Daily Star features Asif Khan

From The Daily Star March 08, 2015 by Upashana Salam:

Before the stock market crash of 2010, Asif Khan, Deputy Head of Research at BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage, wrote a post on Facebook warning his friends that there was a possibility of a crash, urging them to sell their stocks at the earliest to recoup costs. As stock regulators had issues with Asif using a public forum to voice his fears, they suggested that Asif launch a blogspot account on his own.

That’s when Asif decided that his experience and knowledge could be shared with young graduates and to-be jobholders, as he opened his own blog spot account. When his posts started gaining popularity amongst to-be graduates, Asif thought of expanding the platform, and transformed it into a proper blog. The Asif Khan Blog (AKB) was launched earlier this year and already has over 350 registered subscribers and over 52,000 page views till date.
“Every graduate wants to join a reputed organisation or start their own business. But in order to have a good career, you should have a competitive advantage. My blog aims to help people, particularly students who hope to join the finance or economics sector,” says Asif. There are tips on career planning and guest posts by experts and established professionals.

On his blog, Asif, a CFA Charterholder with a dual major in Economics and Finance, posts about a variety of topics, ranging from surefire methods to pass the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam to tips on how to get a job in equity research to a comprehensive presentation on starting a career in finance. He also writes about practical ways to improve written communication in English and books that every equity analyst should read! Blog visitors and subscribers are also encouraged to ask any question regarding finance, economics or their career, and Asif makes sure that he answers every question thrown his way.

Asif wants to make the optimum use of the digital media, as he believes that it’s the best way to share knowledge and help students and fresh graduates. “I want to build more content that targets a wider range of people. At present the blog focuses on three main areas: CFA, career guidance and finance. I’d like to expand the career guidance part of the blog,” says Asif. He also hopes that he will be able to organise physical events under the banner of AKB this year to create awareness about the blog by reaching a wider range of people.

Online blogs such as AKB is only now beginning to get the attention and focus they deserve. While most blogs deal with personal issues or address individual interests, Asif’s blog is unique as he aims to use his knowledge, experience and expertise to help youngsters who often feel isolated and clueless when they enter the job market.


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